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About Meg

Ever since Meg Zucker can remember, others have been turning to her for guidance. As a little girl on the playground, kids looked to her to set the games because of the force of her determination and dynamic spirit. As an adult, whether it’s the financial services industry where she polices against terrorists and international criminals, or at home where she’s a role model to her kids, Meg is a leader.

Born in Urbana, Illinois, the second of three children, Meg became a problem solver early on. Due to her father’s academic and government postings, she spent large portions of her childhood with her family in the Middle East and South Asia where her odd-shaped hands and feet often made her a subject of derision and fear. She was born with a rare condition known as ectrodactyly, leaving her with only four digits on her body and shortened forearms. Unlike others who have quietly overcome many stumbling blocks to reach their goals, Meg has navigated life’s challenges wearing her limitations on her sleeve, literally.

A natural optimist, Meg was only strengthened by those unique experiences.  She completed her undergraduate studies in History at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and received her law degree from New York University where she joined the Revue of Law and Social Change—dedicated to using legal scholarship to respond to injustice and serve discriminated populations.

After law school, Meg worked at Goldman Sachs where, even before 9/11, she found the field of anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering intriguing. She then spent thirteen years at Morgan Stanley, culminating in the position of Executive Director in Morgan Stanley’s Global Anti-Money Laundering Group. There, Meg’s mission was to develop and implement key programs intended to prevent criminals and terrorists from infiltrating our global financial systems. Meg was previously the Global AML & Financial Crimes Officer at PIMCO and as of April 2014, joined the Royal Bank of Canada as it Global AML Officer covering anti-money laundering, anti-corruption and economic sanctions for its Capital Markets business.

Meg’s unique expertise and vibrant style of communicating make her a sought after speaker.  She lives in New Jersey with her husband, John, and their three children, two of whom also have ectrodactyly.

Meg is in the process of writing a book working with literary agent Lisa Leshne at The Leshne Agency.

We Are All Born Lacking
A poem dedicated to Meg Weinbaum (Zucker) at her birth by Elizabeth Klein Shapiro