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A Moment in Time

A Moment in Time

1969. Urbana. "We think she may walk. Not sure what she'll be able to do with one finger." My father turned to the doctor. "Ok, but how is her brain?" 1970. Tehran, Iran. Street beggar takes a look at the meĀ in pram and runs the other way,[...]


Meg’s Blog

Join Meg each week as she provides insight into what it is like to have (and to parent) a blatant physical difference, and to demonstrate what the 'beauty of imperfection' can truly mean.

Guest Flaunt

Essays from adults who flaunt their own difference, or how they have learned to embrace parenting a child with a difference, and share their own unique experience.

Teen Flaunt

In partnership with Scholastic's TeenBeing blog, essays from teenagers (age 13-19) who are just learning to accept themselves, and willing to flaunt their personal stories.

Kids Flaunt

Essays from kids (age 5-12) who have been inspired to flaunt by the slogan, "The things that make me different make me, me."

About Meg

Hi I am Meg Zucker, wife of my amazing husband John and parent of three awesome children, two who share my genetic condition. Click here if you'd like to read more about me and how I decided to devote my time and efforts celebrating difference.

Flaunt the Flaunt

It's time to flaunt with style! In partnership with Jennifer Stock, the Don't Hide It Flaunt peacock, is available as a charm in a custom-made jewelry line! Profit percentage goes to the incredible not-for-profit organization, "Runway of Dreams," also committed to celebrating difference.

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My new blog post, "A Moment in Time," is up! Hope all of you check it out & have been having a Fabulously Flaunting Friday! #DHIFImegsblog ... See MoreSee Less

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While we are on the subject of random inventions that make my life easier this week, wanted to express a shout-out to the folks at the Glasbern Inn where John & I stayed last weekend, who always come through for me with these awesome hole-in- soap bars! #feelinggrateful #flauntsoap (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Guess what happens when a two-fingered child finds out he needs glasses? Pure happiness that he will now see better. Period. #specsflaunt #goCharlie (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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It is true sometime it is hard for me to come up with examples of things I find physically challenging, but there is no question paying for ice-cream while simultaneously holding a cone is a show-stopper. Today I am grateful for the people "out there" that continue to invent these types of contraptions that unintentionally make my life easier! #feelinggrateful (2 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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