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Blinded By Vision

Blinded By Vision

This blog post is dedicated to my husband John, the love of my life, in honor of his birthday today.   Preface February 1976 “Who is that?” I was watching the Grammy Awards with my parents, leaning back on the couch in Urbana, with my legs propped up on my[...]


Meg’s Blog

Join Meg each week as she provides insight into what it is like to have (and to parent) a blatant physical difference, and to demonstrate what the 'beauty of imperfection' can truly mean.

Guest Flaunt

Essays from adults who flaunt their own difference, or how they have learned to embrace parenting a child with a difference, and share their own unique experience.

Teen Flaunt

In partnership with Scholastic's TeenBeing blog, essays from teenagers (age 13-19) who are just learning to accept themselves, and willing to flaunt their personal stories.

Kids Flaunt

Essays from kids (age 5-12) who have been inspired to flaunt by the slogan, "The things that make me different make me, me."

About Meg

Hi I am Meg Zucker, wife of my amazing husband John and parent of three awesome children, two who share my genetic condition. Click here if you'd like to read more about me and how I decided to devote my time and efforts celebrating difference.

Flaunt the Flaunt

It's time to flaunt with style! In partnership with Jennifer Stock, the Don't Hide It Flaunt peacock, is available as a charm in a custom-made jewelry line! Profit percentage goes to the incredible not-for-profit organization, "Runway of Dreams," also committed to celebrating difference.

DHIFI Facebook Updates!

Today being April Fool's Day, Savanna (on her way to school prepared with her own prank) suggested that as I dashed off to NYC for work, I walk around pointing at my hands, telling people, "I lost 'em in the war!" Lol 😜 ... See MoreSee Less

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So proud of my friend, the incredibly talented Tony Memmel who rocks on so many levels, with or without music (in this case with!) Please join me in checking out his fantastic new song submission to NPR Music ! #goTony #Fabflaunter ... See MoreSee Less

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Took the kids to a local visual arts center festival yesterday. When another kid nearby noticed Charlie's hands and asked if doing everything was hard for him, he was prepared with our favorite "art reply." "Actually no problem. I do art with my mind." #goCharlie (5 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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I waited to publish this week's blog post, "Blinded By Vision" in honor of my husband John's birthday today. It's got a little bit of Adam Levine and Stevie Wonder too! Dedicated to John, please check it out and also join me in honoring the type of man I wish every person could have love them, one that loves not what you are but who you are, unconditionally. #tears #happybirthdayJAZ ... See MoreSee Less

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Out again! Flaunting myself and my peacock purse! 😄#saturdaynightfashionflaunt (3 photos) ... See MoreSee Less

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Photo Flaunt

Check out some fabulously flaunting photos here!